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HAWKER Industrial Battery Chargers


Powerguard HD

The Powerguard HD series charger is designed to fully charge a 100% discharged battery in 8 hours or less. There are two different controls offered for this charger, the Pro and the Premium, and it is also offered for light duty applications.


Powerguard SCR Charger

The Powerguard SCR charger is Hawker's new silicon controlled rectifier charger. This charger is designed to charge flooded and valve-regulated batteries.


Lifeguard 3 Charger

The Lifeguard 3 charger is a rugged, easy to install, reliable battery charger that is easy to operate and maintain. This battery charger is designed to protect against employee error and charger related problems.


 Lifespeed 3000

The Lifespeed 3000 is one of the newest additions to the series of Hawker Battery chargers. It is a smart charger that determines the condition of each battery every time it is placed on the charger. It will charge your battery without heat generation in approximately two hours, greatly reducing your energy demands.



The Lifetech charger is a high frequency charger designed to be cost effective and efficient. This series is designed to be compact and can fit just about anywhere and can charge ionic batteries, VRLA for Hawker valve regulated batteries, AGM for absorbed glass mat batteries, and cold storage profile batteries.


Lifeplus TC3

The Lifeplus 3 is the latest generation of high-frequency smart chargers from Hawker. This charger offers cost savings, Plug 'n Play flexibility, opportunity charging, internet readiness, and extended battery warranty.



The Powertech from Hawker is a high frequency smart charger that assesses each battery's charging requirements through its patented intelligent technology. The Powertech is designed to save money on electricity, watering, and battery life.

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